The Finnish sauna is an effective way of relaxing the body and soul, cleansing the skin and recovering from tension and stress. Hotel Mirabel offers its guests this beneficial method of ancient origin in a salutary and social setting, where each day you can dedicate time to the care of your body. For those wishing to relax at a more moderate temperature we recommend taking a dip in our Turkish bath. Regenerate body and soul in a true wellness centre located at the foot of the Dolomites.

Infrared cabin
For thousands of years, warmth has been used in a variety of ways to enhance the sense of well-being and to treat a great number of ailments, chronic ailments in particular, of the musculoskeletal system. In many cases warmth only reduces the symptoms of an illness without actually eliminating the cause. But, especially in cases of chronic health problems with age, poorer blood circulation and reduced blood supply to tissue as well as slower metabolism and a higher concentration of “toxins” can in fact be the cause of ailments. Here warmth treatments can alleviate the cause under certain circumstances.
The many positive effects attributed to infrared cabins can be explained solely by the body’s response to stimulation of temperature regulation. Warmth treatment is then the main effect.
Infrared cabins with effects more in the direction of “stimulation” work either with relative high air temperatures (50 °C – 60 °C) or expose a large area of skin to a suitably strong dose of infrared radiation. In this case the body reduces blood flow from the skin to the interior of the body in the manner described above.

Emotional shower
An emotional shower is much more than a simple shower: it is a mini-wellness route that combines the benefits of hot and cold water with the properties of fragrances and oil essences.